Monday, August 18, 2008

11 second club

For those of you that don't know about 11 second club, it is a monthly character animation competition that is open to everyone.

Each month the winner is rewarded with a critique given by a professional animator.

This month Leow Chan Ghee has won with a really cool test. So you should go check it out.

The 11 second club website

This month's critique

p.s. I did the critique. Too bad for him huh?


teresa said...

"too bad for him"????
lol, what are you talking about silly?
hahaha I'm like the biggest fan of your crit's...but you already know that. :)
Great great crit as usual!
cheers, teresa

thndrcat said...
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thndrcat said...

Great crit. I love this term you coined near the end~ "...when's he walking away, its not like 'the acting has ended---alright VANILLA WALK OUT'... " HILarious... i may have to use that! hope ya dont mind.

Chan Ghee Leow said...

Hey Nick! Thanks for doing my eCritique. It was awesome!! I've just finished responding to an interview put forward by the 11 Second Club. Your input has opened up a couple of new animation concepts that I've never thought of before. I'm still buzzing from the whole thing!