Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The first movie is up!!!! Click on the pick above to watch the intro to the show. The whole show will be shot gorilla style. No high-def. No good lighting. Only done in one or two takes. Just keep it spontaneous!


Thursday, October 23, 2008


Here are some Hand-outs!!! Some of them I've gathered through some time and others I stole them from my good buddy Leif Jeffers' Blog.

Hands are Super-DUPER important. So much acting and emotion can be conveyed with them. Not just in gesture, but simply in how they are posed.

So I hope they help! Or dare I say....Lend a hand.

I know! I suck!


Ready set GROW!!! I'll be participating in Blue Skies Animation/Story Department 5 week Dude Challenge. The challenge will pit 43 (un)lucky contestants against each other in a battle of the beards competition.

We each had to pick a style out of a hat. Whatever we pick, we have to stick with. I drew "Captain Morgan!"

We'll see how good it comes out, since I only have to shave every other year or so.

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