Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank You Cooper!!!

On a near daily basis, my dog Cooper writes in his Blog about us Bruno's. It always puts a smile on my face, and can get me through the toughest of days. Inspiration comes in many forms, and mine is my family.

While I feel privileged to be a Blue Sky animator, I feel even more privileged to have a family. So I just wanted to Thank Cooper for his hard work.

I know its not easy for him to type with his paws.



teresa said...


Sheldon Kruger said...

Thats cool Nick. Family is precious for sure. Thats awesome too that your dog Cooper keeps his own blog...why not. :)

My dog, Jade, always makes a cameo whenever I post my video reference on my blog. One time, I forgot...and I received comments from people from California to India..."Where's Jade??!!" Ha ha....I've never forgot again.

Have a good week man.