Friday, September 11, 2009

Jake "the snake" is Back!!!

Hey All you wrestling fans!!!

Early Thursday morning (9-10-09) at about 4:59am Ally gave birth to the newest member of the Bruno family.

Name - Jake "the snake" Anthony Bruno
Weight - 7lbs 1oz
Length - 19 inches (this time i payed attention, with Taryn i had no idea this was important...To most of you it still probably isn't).
Occupation - Baby wrestler (not to be confused with adults who wrestle babies, This is an actual baby who wrestles babies).

Everything went really well. Ally beat her all time baby pushin' record comin' in under 9 minutes. What a pro!

Jake's first scheduled wrestling match was with his happy big sister Taryn "Taryn-o-saurus Rex" Bruno. It went really well. In fact they've combined forces become the unstoppable tag-team duo known as The Bruisin' Bruno's.

I bet Jake can't wait to meet all of you!!!

Be sure to check out my dog Cooper's blog for updates on him and the rest of the fam.