Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ready set GROW!!! I'll be participating in Blue Skies Animation/Story Department 5 week Dude Challenge. The challenge will pit 43 (un)lucky contestants against each other in a battle of the beards competition.

We each had to pick a style out of a hat. Whatever we pick, we have to stick with. I drew "Captain Morgan!"

We'll see how good it comes out, since I only have to shave every other year or so.

click here!


John Vielee said...

That's awesome! Good luck man, I'm following that blog, cause I have to see a picture of this.

Eleanor said...

hahah! that's hilarious, i can't wait to watch this unfold!

Cooper the Puppy said...

I am sure it will look great! :)

nathanimator said...

Wow, definitely having trouble picturing you as captain morgan, which means that it's bound to be awesome. :)

PeteyP said...